From undersea hotel rooms to suites decorated with famous artworks, to desert caves, these are some of the most amazing and exotic places in Spain to stay:
The Marqués de Riscal was designed by the same architect who created the Guggenheim.
Inspired by cartoons and toys, Hotel del Juguete is the perfect place to indulge the kids.
Vagón Rural's guests can throw barbeques in these renovated 1950s train carriages.
These Bizkaian treehouses in the canopy of the Euskadi forest come with Finnish saunas.
Visitors to Casa Bella's teepees can revel in the natural splendor of the Sierra Nevada.
Visitors can explore historical architecture at this military fortress in Mallorca.
Guests can slumber beneath the stars "at the end of the world" in the Fisterra Lighthouse.
This glass cabin sits on the grounds of a 12th-century Catalan farmhouse.
Visitors to Somiedo can live like a shepherd in traditional huts, nestled in the pastures of Asturias.
Hotel Cueva's mountain caves come with a swimming pool and a private airport.