NASA has announced that it is looking for individuals to help it realize its plan to send humans to Mars by 2037, who will have to live in 3D-printed units, to simulate life on Mars.
The program consists of three simulations, the first starting in 2022, in which four individuals participate in each, during which they spend an entire year in the simulation of the red planet, according to the "Daily Mail".
The participant will simulate important challenges that humans may face on Mars, including resource limitations, equipment failures, communication delays, and other environmental challenges.
It may also include "simulating a spacewalk, and the use of virtual reality."
And the “Daily Mail” indicated that those interested should be between 30 and 55 years old, and have a master’s degree in science, engineering or mathematics, in addition to at least two years of professional experience, provided that applications are sent before the twelfth of September next.