Ayyam Gallery presents a group exhibition entitled "Strata" featuring works by Asaad Arabi, Abdul Karim Majdal Al-Baik, Farzad Cohan, Mouteea Murad, Tammam Azzam and Thaer Hilal.
The word "layer" comes from the Latin language and means "the thing that has been laid"; A stratum is a stratum, whether it is abstract like the social strata of humanity or one of several parallel physical strata arranged one on top of the other like cells in an organism.
In Mouteea's work, each color demonstrates a feeling and a point of view. The contradictions create a more comprehensive timeline, emitting a broader picture of reality and the artist's struggles and victories.
Abd al-Karim Majdal al-Beik's work archives stories by photographing the walls of the Middle East through the years, recording layers of posters, papers, and graffiti - creating a story.
For Tammam and Farzad's works, they highlight the idea of “Strata” through style. Both artists focus on collage in their practice, whether digital or conventional, Tammam’s introduction of material against the cityscape backdrop creates a function, aesthetic, and process. Farzad and Asaad make out their shapes through superimposed color while focusing on narratives of identity. 
The Exhibition has already started on 1 June, and will last till 10 September 2021 at Ayyam Gallery in Dubai.