It has been almost a year since the Jumana Osaily exhibition Marfa' was closed due to the catastrophic August 4th explosion in the customs area of Beirut. Which destroyed and turned the exhibition into ruins and shards of glass.
On 21 May 2021, ten months after the blasts, Asseily decided to reopen the gallery with a group show, Water (21 May–31 August 2021) as part of an international collaboration with Galleries Curate: RHE, presenting works by artists from the gallery's roster.
Through water, we are all connected, physically as well as metaphorically.This show features a wide range of media including film, photography, painting, sculpture and multi-sensory installation. Each artist represents this theme through their unique standpoint; bringing forth the poetic, the scientific, the political, the social and the overall versatile nature of water.
"We are going through very difficult times in Lebanon, where deepening crises have closed our horizons and hopes for the future. And not despite the circumstances, but rather with them in mind, we decided to reopen, to work as best we know how, to the best of our knowledge, in a neighborhood that was destroyed but still home to all the harbor artists:"said Asseily
That's why Marfa' has the honor to commit to collaborat with its local and international communities. And we recommand you all to visit this gallery and to keep suporting beirut.