Distinguished buildings spread around the world with different and unique designs. Domes and circular buildings were common in Greek and Roman architecture, but today they are considered unusual and distinctive buildings that attract attention. Here is a group of some of the architectural masterpieces around the world, distinguished by their circular shape, which is a masterpiece worth visiting and discovering.
Aldar headquarters, United Arab Emirates
Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Aldar is the first green building in the Arabian Peninsula. Recyclable materials such as glass, steel and cement were used in the construction of the building. It is 110 meters high and has 23 floors. In 2008 the building was also awarded the "Best Futuristic Design" award at the Building Exchange Conference.
District of Guangzhou, China
Guangzhou Circle is located in Guangzhou, China. Designed by Di Pasquale of AM Project studio. This donut-shaped building is the headquarters of China's Hongda Xingye Group and Guangdong Plastic Exchange, the world's largest trading center for raw plastic products. In the middle of the building is a large circle that when reflected in the river forms the number eight. Circle of Guangzhou, China
Sunrise Kempinski Hotel, China
Sunrise Kempinski Hotel is located in Beijing. The design of the hotel resembles the shape of a sunrise. Designed by Shanghai Huadu Architect Design Co., the building is 97 meters high. Located on the shore of Yankee Lake, the hotel has 21 floors, 306 rooms and suites, and several meeting rooms and recreational facilities.
Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankfurt, Germany
The Radisson Blu Hotel in Francourt was built in 2005. The hotel was designed by architect John Seifert. The building is surrounded by a circular disk made of glass that increases the elegance and beauty of the building.
Fangyuan Palace, China
The structure of Fangyuan Palace in Shengyang, China resembles the shape of an ancient Chinese coin. The building was designed by Taiwanese architect C.Y. Lee, the owner of famous architectural designs. Because of its strange shape, the building initially faced several criticisms until it was classified as the ugliest building in the world. But despite the many objections, some still see in it a beauty that links the past and the present with its distinctive design.
Marina City, USA
It is a residential and commercial building that is considered one of the most prominent landmarks of the city of Chicago. Designed by Bertard Goldberg, the building is the first in the United States to be constructed with tower cranes. The complex contains two 65-storey corncob-shaped towers, a hotel building and a saddle-shaped ballroom.
The Theme Building, United States of America
It is an impressive building located at Los Angeles International Airport. The building is semicircular, resembling a flying saucer. It was designed by a team of architects headed by Charles Lachman and William Barrera.
Source: Reem Amar