Saudi Arabia achieved two new records, through the "Noor Riyadh" festival, which it hosted for two months in the capital.
Different artists transformed the city of Riyadh into an art gallery, namely, the Belgian Kurt Vermeulen, who presented the "brightest hanging ornament", which is a "moving star" that he designed using more than 1.2 million lights and designed specifically for a celebration, and the second is for the Polish Karolina Halatk, with a design of the largest sculpture "LED" using 272,160 lights. And the artist's artwork drew the attention of visitors to the King Abdulaziz Historical Center, with its light that appears in the form of a column heading towards the sky.
The "Noor Al Riyadh" festival is an annual festival in the city that highlights the combination of light and art, according to "Guinness". The event's official website says that it is "a celebration dedicated to light and art, and supports talents from everywhere, to offer its visitors inspiring and unforgettable experiences."
The festival witnessed 13 artworks that showcased the beauty of light, sound and moving images presented by professional artists from around the world.
Saudi Arabia had recently achieved a record in the encyclopedia, represented by the largest sentence on a greeting card in the world, designed by 9,610 cards, in a celebration held at Al-Andalus Commercial Complex, in the city of Jeddah.