At Modern Arabesque, we went to Nicolas Baaklini's solo exhibition "Art Within" located in Sporting Club Beach Beirut, which ran until June 27, 2021, to see a series of soft watercolor paintings that go with marine themes, portraits and expressive human appearance.
In his words: "It all started when I was 6 and I don't even remember it."
The credit goes to his mother, who gave him a gift for his thirty-fifth birthday, a drawing he had drawn at “Jamhour” School at the age of six.
At the time, this drawing had been selected by a jury for year-end artwork.
"This drawing revived my feelings and my love for drawing and colors that brought me back my youth."
He finished his studies in France and began painting with watercolors.
He only painted landscapes, and participated in group exhibitions of amateur artists.
In 1996, he returned to Lebanon and focused his attention on his work as a gynecologist until 2016, during this year, when he attended a medical conference in France, he passed by a shop for art supplies, he felt a great desire to return to painting.
Here he returned to Lebanon and began his artistic career, starting with "drawing with a pencil", and ending with "watercolor painting."
However, with the passage of time, he again felt the desire to progress, and here he decided to embark on large format watercolors in 2018.
"And at that moment, everything in my life changed. The day I wasn't painting felt like a waste of time."
In August 2019, he decided to make a new challenge, by doing his first exhibition accompanied by his first book.
Nicolas has always loved to take on new challenges that generate new sensations, techniques, and different topics.
Among the most important topics, he addressed the topic of "Women and Water", under the title "50 Shades of Blue".
At first, he expressed his love for swimming and the sea, and thanks to his profession as a gynecologist, he showed female beauty as much as possible.
The exhibition was a great success with the Lebanese people, and from the Modern Arabesque team, we thank Nicolas for this interview, and we will inform you about all his future works.
Mabelle Milane
Modern Arabesque