Omran Younes was born in Hasaka, Syria in 1971. He lives and works in Damascus, Syria.
He graduated from the College of Fine Arts in Damascus in 1998 and obtained a master's degree in fine arts in 2000. He participated in exhibitions throughout the Middle East and the United States and received many awards, most notably the first prize winner in the third annual youth competition in Damascus.
Imran Yunis' large paintings feature detailed investigations on humans. His constant explorations of various styles of Expressionist painting culminated in a remarkable quest to elevate his art to its highest forms. He has demonstrated this diversity throughout his career and works frequently within a specific theme, with each series dedicated to particular experiments and breakthroughs in the art.
Omran sought to enhance the achievements of his predecessors by shaping his own path through the visual language of contemporary art. The result was a brand of painting that blends bold social commentary with an acute sense of observation and confident control of medium and techniques.
Omran Younis exhibition titled "Cactus Story" has started on 19/06/2021 and will last till 30/06/2021 at Mar Mikhael, Imm Jabre, 1st floor