The exhibition of Script and Calligraphy has opened in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, where the  artists have shared their thoughts on the "glamorous and elegant beauty" and spirituality of Arabic calligraphy.
The exhibition will be divided into five sections: Origins of the Arabic script, development of calligraphy, master calligraphers, calligraphy and contemporary art, and calligraphy, artificial intelligence. 
Saudi conceptual artist Othman Al-Khuzaim believes that global interest in the art of Arabic calligraphy has grown in recent years, and this can be attributed to an increased awareness of its beauty.
“Arabic calligraphy bears witness to the beauty depicted by Arab calligraphers on the walls inside the Two Holy Mosques to add more spirituality to the holy places, and he is one of the most prominent forms of visual art, Al-Khuzaim said he often recommends it to people and encourages them to enjoy and appreciate it even if they cannot read the language or understand the meaning of the words.
The exhibition was open on Wednesday at the National Museum of Riyadh and iwill run till Aug. 21.