When you enter the exhibition of Souraya Haddad Credos, you feel as if you have entered a dream inhabited by strange creatures.
Creatures of ceramic, organic and mineral, ignoring the natural and the artificial, born from a sleeping universe within us, a familiar environment that has not yet formed. Open to individual readings and interpretations, it offers the possibility of a symbiotic future, promising history, and mood, all born of a desire to reinvent worlds.
The artistic gesture of the ceramic artist is generated by going back to the past. How horrific is the return to that huge fire that destroyed and inserted its sharp fragments into our skin and psyche. Here the secret hands of Souraya has formed the basic and elementary forms. It is not completely spherical, it is clearly anatomical. Through restorative healing gestures, the world of ceramics brings together what is no longer what it was, and has not yet become something else.
The exhibition of Souraya Haddad Credos " CHIMERA - REMEMBRANCE OF A BLOOMING MIND " started on June 11 and continues until July 31, 2021 at Saleh Barakat Gallery.
Every one of us was affected by this explosion, whether it was physical, psychological or moral.” That's why, this exhibition expresses the pain of all of us, so do not hesitate to visit it.