NASA expects that at least six asteroids have passed close to Earth by the end of the week.
According to the American agency, the largest asteroid bears the name "2021 KT1", with a height of about 82 meters, and it has actually passed close to Earth.
This asteroid is larger than the famous Washington Monument, and scientists believe that its length may reach about 319 meters.
NASA says that this object is "potentially dangerous", but it will not pose a threat to Earth this week.
The second asteroid is called "2021 LC1", its length is about 18 meters, and it is about the size of an average house.
Its passage near Earth was scheduled for June 5.
The third asteroid is "2021 KF2", which is 88 meters long, with a size close to a medium-height tower.
The date of the planet's passage near the Earth was also set on June 5.
NASA also referred to another asteroid, "2021 LK", 14 meters long, the size of an average house.
The asteroid is expected to pass Earth on June 6.
NASA expects the asteroid "2021 KZ2" to pass near Earth, its length is 30 meters, and its size is close to a commercial airliner.
NASA expects the asteroid to pass close to Earth on June 11.
The agency also expects the passage of another asteroid, "2021 JM6", with a length of 37 meters, the size of which is close to a passenger plane.
NASA has set the date of the asteroid's passage past Earth on June 12.
It is fortunate for the inhabitants of the planet that the closest passage of these asteroids from Earth was the path taken by “2021 KT1”, as it was more than 7 million km away from them, while the distance between the Earth and the Moon is close to 384,000 km, which is a very far distance.
Source: Al Horra