Women of Beirut "Untold Stories" will take place June 15-20 from 11am to 8pm at Riverside - Bossa Nova Hotel, Charles Helou Street, Sin El Fil, Beirut.
This initiative  was launched by Carol Ayoub and Yara Jahshan in September 2020, and it's dedicated to promote contemporary Lebanese artists, creators and artisans with a focus on women, in order to help them develop their artistic potential, also It aims to support the Lebanese creative economy and preserve its cultural identity and heritage.
The show will be featuring an exclusive collective of 12 female artists participated in the pop-up show with different artistic techniques (painting, sculpture, mixed media, drawing, engraving, illustration, ceramics, papier-mâché and photographs) they are: Joyce Samaha / Zina Nader / Lina Hosseini / Carla Saeed / Aya Maria Nehme / Carol Engia / Irene Ghanem / RamonaMansur / Nina Abu Zaid / Joanna Raad / Yara Saad / Meryl Merhej.
The event will feature as well as a minor collection of "Other Stories", in addition to  artist book autographs by Carla Sayyad and Zeina Nader, and  will include a unique handcrafted gifts designed by Beirut artists.
This will be an occasion for art lovers to discover in a live event the artist's artwork after a social media campaign that showcased their stories and a sample of their past artwork. Support will also be given to the Beirut restoration project, with a portion of the proceeds going to the "Live Love Beirut" NGO. Artists will also have the opportunity to present a piece of art that will contribute to the beautification of Beirut's restored homes.