A company, ByteDance, owner of the popular TikTok app, has unveiled its first consumer product, a smart light bulb.
The "Dali" smart lamp features a display, a camera and a built-in digital assistant, and targets children who go to school, to enable them to complete their homework at home, in addition to helping their parents monitor their children while away from them through a mobile application.
A company, ByteDance, said it developed its smart lamp over months of consultations with about 2,000 Chinese parents and children.
According to the company, these lamps are equipped with two built-in cameras, one facing the child and the other providing a comprehensive view from above, allowing parents to remotely monitor their children when studying.
There is a smartphone-sized screen attached to each lamp, which uses artificial intelligence to provide instructions on solving math problems and difficult words in the English language, for example.
Also, this system enables parents to use a human monitor to remotely monitor their children during their studies.
The basic version of the flashlight can be upgraded for $ 170, enabling parents to get alerts on their phones when children leave the office doing their homework.