This exhibition discusses the issue of representation of violence, and is made up of two two juxtaposed works:
A video montage of social media clips of the Beirut Port explosion and the painting "All That Remains" by Lebanese artist Ayman Baalbaki. 
The project proposes a cycle of fake news and how the media is trying to amplify our painful experiences by spreading lies, rumors, and conspiracies instead of "calming them down, exploiting the basic human feeling, which is" fear. "
Sometimes it is difficult to find an adjective describing violence, especially if this country is full of it. This is how video clips are circulating all over the world, and if it lasts for a short period,  is sufficient to ignite a continuous war waged by social networks to attract attention.
Ayman Baalbaki, a Lebanese painter who lives and works in Beirut, studied fine arts at the National High School for decorative arts in Paris. He was born in the year in which the civil war broke out, and he drew inspiration from these events.
The exhibition was inaugurated on Tuesday, May 4, 2021, and is continuing until June 4, 2021, at the Mina Image Centre, which in turn was severely damaged by the explosion. Mina decided to rebuild and return to life, the first phase of renovation has been completed and reconstruction works will be ongoing until space is once again fully functional.