It displayed a distinctive UFO house and was well received, as it is found in the California desert and was shaped just like a flying saucer through huge oval windows, drop-down stairs and four 'landing legs', and it is the only home in America in the style of '' Futuro House '' that Overnight stays are permitted.
Futuro Homes were the ideas of Finnish architect Matte Soronen, who created the design in 1968 and intended to use them as portable ski chalets.
The sixteen parts that make up the house can be assembled on site or the fully formed structure can be transported by helicopter, making it oddly like a spaceship.
However, less than 100 of these homes were built, as the 1973 oil crisis caused a rise in the prices of the materials used to build them.
Today, about 68 of them are believed to still be found worldwide, including a home in Houston, Delaware and several in Australia including one at the University of Canberra and another in Bloemfontein, South Africa.