The Russian company "Caviar" launched the iPhone 12 Pro Excellence Edition, which was inspired by the design of the Tesla car "Model S."
"Caviar" explained that the special edition "iPhone 12 Pro Excellence Edition" is available either in gold with black accents or in black with gold touches, and its production is limited to 99 copies only.
The "Caviar" in the smartphone is not based on real gold, but it comes with a "titanium" coated body, including a "PVD" layer, which makes the smartphone very strong, and has great scratch resistance.
The "Caviar" logo appears engraved on the side of the smartphone, and on the other side the device is numbered according to the total number of 99 copies.
The iPhone 12 Pro Excellence Edition smartphone is available at a price ranging between 5550 and 7070 euros, depending on the model and memory capacity.