ArtScoops has partnered with Mira Hawa and Sabine El Gemayel to announce the launch of an online show called Beyond Borders Together: A Collective of Contemporary American and Middle Eastern Artists.
Although borders, drawn or figurative, limit us physically and geographically to today's scenery, we are all together somewhat "beyond borders", the exhibition began on March 25 and is running until May 7, 2021.
Notable artists are: Avarin Sajedi, Cynthia Minnette, Diya Mourad, Francesca Gabagni, Ghazlan Sahli, Gregory Billerian, Guillaume Zweli, Harry Abbou, Irene Ghanem, Joseph Shahefi, Josephine Wester Four, Laure Gharib, Mansour Al-Habry, Laila Gabr Gridini. Mike Saigo, Misak Terzian, Ribal Malaeb, Rania Matar, Raouf Al-Rifai, Sayeh Sarfraz, Tania Michaela, Tayseer Barakat, Victor Akbuk and Zina Asi.
Payment can be made by external bank transfer (in US dollars) or banknotes, and each business is shipped from a different location, as mentioned on the individual page.
There are two days left until the end of the exhibition, so do not hesitate to visit it.