"Al-Bardani" translates as "the land of shades," and it's easy to see how it got its name.
At first glance, you'll instantly see what makes Wadi Al-Bardani a desired destination to many. Lush greenery is plenty, with a river flowing between two vibrantly green fields. On the horizon are mountain peaks complementing this picturesque scenery. Whether it is sunrise or sunset, the atmosphere brings Wadi Al-Bardani and its river to life with vibrant colors. Indeed, it's easy to see why visitors love coming to this valley and have chosen it to be among their favorite picnic spots.
The valley is also situated close to the towns of Bin Otyafa and Al-Asrat, and nearby agricultural lands. In fact, shepherds usually lead their herd of sheep into Wadi Al-Bardani to graze, giving visitors a glimpse into a shepherd life.