Photographer Maria Passer spent three weeks in ghost towns outside of Vorkuta, Russia.
The once-bustling coal towns were deserted, and abandoned apartments coated in ice were left behind.
Passer said that her goal was to capture both the beauty and sadness of these empty villages.
Have a look at some of the photos:
An aerial view of abandoned buildings outside of Vorkuta, Russia.
These apartment complexes previously housed coal miners and their families. 
Many of the abandoned apartments still have belongings left behind by former residents.
The buildings, which are largely abandoned, are covered in snow and ice. 
The photographer said there are still a handful of people living in these abandoned buildings outside of Vorkuta, Russia. 
In some buildings, snow covers the stairs and icicles hang from the banisters.
Icicles hang from the railing of a stairwell outside of Vorkuta.
Snow covers old newspapers left behind on a table. 
In some rooms, pipes burst, which created mountains of ice.
The freezing weather created unusual scenery inside apartments for Maria Passer to capture images of. 
The entrance to a now-deserted apartment building. 
Using a drone, Passer photographed these abandoned villages.