Following her exhibition at Galerie Tanit, Munich “You Will Rise Up Again,” dedicated to Beirut, Mojé Assefjah prepares for a new intervention in our Beirut’s hors-les-murs space with the same message, Hope.
Hope and a peaceful longing to a future you aspire to is what you feel when standing in front of Assefjah’s work.
Mojé Assefjah revives the egg tempera technique and mixes pigment with egg, water and oil to modelize colours, their consistency, translucency. 
This technique gives her control over nuances and allows her to manipulate the pigment. Even the choice of which egg affects the end result.
Egg tempera allows her to experiment and achieve the scene and story conceived in her mind’s eye, she prepares her sketches, her paint, and then lets the brush lead her in graceful movements towards a layered three-dimensional composition.
She achieves varying levels of depth starting with transparent layers and coming forward towards more opaque ones.