Professor Thierry Mauger documented what went on in the communities around the Asir region between 1979 and 1991, while he lived in Saudi Arabia. Five republished books by Professor Thierry Mauger are set to stir interest in Asir’s unique culture. With stunning imagery, the books by the famed French ethnographer and photographer will be a fantastic way for Saudi’s younger generation, known for their love of scenic pictures, to get to know more about the southwestern region.
The books being republished by the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission, in cooperation with Obeikan Publishing, include “The Bedouins of Arabia” (1987), “Flowered Men and Green Slopes of Arabia” (1988) and “Undiscovered Asir” (1993). The other resurfacing works by the photographer who lived in Asir between 1979 and 1991 are “Impressions of Arabia” (1996), and” Rijal at the Stroke of a Brush” (2020).
The books that detail life in Asir captured global attention by highlighting the unique cultural traditions and customs of the region, as well as the ancient architectural structures.