Joseph El Hourany is an architect and musicologist by training with a unique background in sculpture.
For 25 years he has devoted himself to his passion for "the interaction between the world of ideas and the world of matter", through carving in wood, his favorite material. 
After the insistence of the gallery owner, Mr. Saleh Barakat, to create a  solo show for Joseph El Hourany, today we are seeing the light of his first exhibition entitled RETROSPECTIVE (1995-2020)
The exhibition includes more than a hundred pieces of his works, chosen from among the thousands that he produced over a quarter of a century.
His works suggest frequent movements of the organs, such as faces, eyes, noses, and lips...
In Modern Arabesque, we visited the exhibition and spoke with Joseph El Hourany to find out more about his first show, indicating that his goal behind this work is to show practical sculpture, where the sculpture is multi-faceted and shaped.
Hourany says: "In any process of creation, it must have a relationship with infinite action." He also worked to be able to change the same piece in several ways comparing it to the use of the alphabet.
His themes emerged from the concept of bodies without organs, and organs without bodies, some of his sculptures are consisting of several smaller pieces aligned together to form a larger sculpture.
He used more than 20 types of wood, and given that wood is a living and reactive material, this made him discover a harmony between his carving and his art pieces.
Joseph considered his show as a rebirth of his artistic personality, and we at Modern Arabesque team, thank Joseph for this interview and we invite you to visit this amazing solo exhibition, which runs until May 15, 2021, at Saleh Barakat Gallery - Clemenceau.
Mabelle Milane
Modern Arabesque