Between pastel color palettes and tongue-in-cheek reconstructions, Piero Fornasetti's style incorporated his delicate recreations of iconic Greco-Roman artwork into his own illustrated scenes from the modern world. These images were then reprinted onto pillow, plates, candles, etc. to bring the humor of his art into everyday life.
In replicating that same kitschy feel, Ghesquière's collection embues whimsy onto street style—round portrait bags, tulle ring skirts under sports jackets, stone-encrusted garment patterns, rich textures enveloped by embroidery and laser-printed designs of Fornasetti's own drawings. Rather than simply derive inspiration from the artist, Ghesquière's mission with this collection was to further Fornasetti's own ideals of giving Greek and Roman art a modern context. As such, many of the Fornasetti-stamped ensembles also play with futuristic motifs like metallic gold and silver accents.
Take a look at some of the designs: