RAW Coffee Company announces their first 2021 Call for Artists, for the RAW Gallery Wall. The company are launching a curated show that will run for 2 months at a time, based on a theme. At RAW, art and community are the core beliefs that easily flow with the café’s aesthetic. The first exhibition will run from 7 April 2021 – 7 June 2021 and the theme for the exhibition is Sustainable Material: Paper.
Artists are encouraged to either work with paper as a medium OR use paper in a creative 2D way OR as subject matter. At this time, only 2D artwork for this show in formats: A0, A1, A2 or A3, maximum 5 pieces per artist are accepted. Artwork will be selected and curated for the exhibition by RAW’s team of talented creatives and creative director.
Deadline for digital submissions is 24th March 2021, 3pm.