Information is still scarce about the new iPhone phone for 2021, which is expected to be presented at the annual Apple conference during the third quarter of this year.
And the guessing game and leaks continue to reveal the new version of the iPhone, but media reports indicated that the iPhone 13 will not be there forever.
According to the US "CNET" website, Apple is considering overcoming the iPhone 13, so that the new version of the phone is called "iPhone 12S", while the 2022 version of Apple's phone is called "iPhone 14".
The site pointed out that the name "iPhone 13" was overlooked for Apple due to several reasons, most notably the association of the number 13 with bad luck.
The association of the number 13 with misfortune and bad luck is one of the common myths around the world, specifically in the West, where generations have inherited the prevailing belief that this number always brings badness.
Many skyscrapers exceed the number 13 in arranging their floors, and some airlines also exceed the same number in arranging the seats of their cabins, while many peers avoid marriage on this day.