The United Nations celebrated the International Day of Happiness on the twentieth of March, stressing the importance of happiness in people's lives, and dedicating this day to maintaining the values of happiness and well-being, and stressing the importance of economic growth to promote sustainable development.
A statistic is usually based on data from the Gallup World Poll. But this year was somewhat different, given that researchers were unable to conduct face-to-face interviews in a number of countries, according to Forbes, in a report.
According to the report, the 20 happiest countries in the world are in order:
Finland - Iceland - Denmark - Switzerland - Netherlands - Sweden - Germany - Norway - New Zealand - Austria - Israel - Australia - Ireland - United States - Canada - Czechia - Belgium - UK - China - France.
According to AFP, by comparing 2020 data with previous years to demonstrate the impact of the pandemic, the study authors observed "a significant increase in the frequency of negative emotions" in nearly a third of countries.