Scientists do not expect to observe a black hole wandering in space, as large black holes are usually relatively stable and remain in place to absorb everything that comes in their path.
But scientists at the Center for Astrophysics / Harvard and the Smithsonian, by studying a black hole wandering in space, it is located about 230 million light-years away, in the center of a galaxy called J0437 + 2456.
And that the movement of the hole is either the result of the collision of two holes, or that this hole is one of a couple of holes, and they said that more studies are needed to find out the true cause.
Black holes are so dense and the effects of gravity are so strong that even light cannot escape from them.
And some very massive holes, such as the one located in the center of our galaxy (the Milky Way), whose mass is four million times the mass of the sun.
These astronomical objects are not holes in the true sense, but anything that approaches them disappears, as matter and radiation fall together and never appear.