On Friday, auction house Christie's revealed the identity of a buyer of $ 70 million in digital artwork that has filled the world.
Aldar said the buyer was using the pseudonym "Metacovan" and was an investor in cryptocurrencies.
The auction for the artwork of the American artist, Mike Winckelman, known as Beeple, was shown at the auction that ended Thursday, and is the first of its kind for a digital work that is not in physical form presented by a major auction house.
The work has been validated by the blockchain, confirming its authenticity and ownership, in a new type of digital asset.
The company said in a statement that Metacovan, whose real name has not been revealed, is the founder of Metaphores, the largest non-issuable digital asset fund.
The work titled "Everyday - The First 5,000 Days" is a collection of 5,000 individual images, each created by computer on a daily basis over a period of more than thirteen years.
The work sold for $ 69,346,250 which Metacovan paid in cryptocurrency.
The work included the American artist in the list of the three best living artists.
Source: Reuters