This unique lake is located in the Canadian province of British Columbia, it was previously known by the aborigines as Kliluk and is considered one of the natural wonders that amazed everyone with its charm and beauty.
With the onset of summer, most of the lake's water evaporates, and the mineral compounds in it turn into crystals that spread in the form of circles that reflect the minerals inside, in colors ranging from green, blue and yellow.
These colored spots are the result of the high amount of minerals that are concentrated in them, including magnesium sulfate, calcium and sodium sulfate that collect in the water. These minerals and a group of salts seeped from the surrounding hills.
Thanks to its weirdness, the spotted lake was considered a sacred place for centuries by the indigenous people. It had a very great cultural value, and it is said that in the past there were two tribes of Indians at war with each other. They signed a truce between them to allow both tribes to use the lake water to heal the wounded.
This is due to their belief that each of the different departments has specific therapeutic and medical properties. It treated many types of chronic diseases with its water. And during World War I, lake spotted minerals were used in the manufacture of ammunition.