After a huge surge in demand for homes on private islands in the months following the coronavirus outbreak, a luxury, floating real estate project will be launched near the Bahamas in 2025.
And requests poured into the "Blue Estate" group after unveiling its plans for the man-made island, with real estate prices starting from 19,800 dollars and rising to exceed one billion dollars. The island will be half the size of Monaco, and will be able to accommodate up to 15,000 permanent residents.
And according to what CNN pointed out, everyone is welcome to buy, own, or rent real estate and / or open a business on the island of "Blue Estate". Those who manage to acquire property in "the most exclusive private homes in the world" will enjoy more than 340 sunny days each year thanks to the island's privileged location.
It is worth noting that the construction process will not begin until next year, and the island will not be completed until after another four years. Some of the properties will likely be ready for delivery by mid-2023. In order to achieve its goal of being one of the "greenest communities in the world", the island will generate all its energy from renewable sources.