The concept of Aladdin City was greenlighted in 2014. Soon after, construction commenced in 2016. The project, inspired by the tales of Aladdin and Sinbad, is currently in progress.
The ambitious building project is located in a 4,000-acre complex. 
Aladdin City Dubai will feature three high-rise towers reaching heights of 24, 25 and 33 storeys. These will be designed to resemble Aladdin’s famous magic lamp from the popular fable.
The three towers will be connected by air-conditioned bridges and moving walkways  so residents can easily switch between the skyscrapers.
Moreover, the shape of the bridge that connects the towers will resemble the dragons, snakes and other exotic creatures immortalised by the books. The plans of Dubai Aladdin City, which have been circulating online reveal impressive towers with stunning glass exteriors covered in the gold lattice.
Also, the project will also include offices, hotels, and dedicated parking spaces for 900 cars.  
The proposed cost of the project is $15 billion.
Dubai Aladdin City will be located in the historic Dubai Creek (Khor Dubai) area. This is a place in Dubai where one can still see wooden sailing boats and traders exchanging goods in the souks.