Six months have passed since Beirut and its artistic community were devastated by a warehouse explosion that killed more than 200 people and displaced nearly 300,000 people. Among those who died in the August 4 blast was 29-year-old Jaya Vodolian, director of the Letitia Gallery, which was co-founded by her mother, Annie Vartivarian.
Vartivarian announced last week that it would take over one of Fadulian's emerging projects, AD Leb, a platform for artists and designers in Lebanon.
The inaugural exhibition will take place in the beautiful Tabal Building, which dates back to the 1890s. The title of the exhibition comes from a line Fuzulian posted on social media: Everyone is the creator of one's faith.
All profits from AD Leb's activities will go to the Gaïa Fodoulian Foundation, run by Gaïa's sister, Mariana, who is a veterinarian. The foundation provides foster care, medical care, adoption, and support for stray animals.