The device is a prototype that is not on the market yet, with 7 screens working 4 of them in 4K quality at 17.3 inches, while the other three screens work at 1200 pixels and a size of 7 inches.
The device works on a graphics processing unit, "GPU" from the company "# Nvidia" model "GTX 1060", in addition to the processor "Intel Core I9-9900K", and contains 64 GB of random memory "RAM".
The device can work for an hour without charging, relying on a secondary 148-watt battery to support additional features in the computer, which is a larger battery size than it is permitted to transport in the plane.
The manufacturer "Expanscape" will start selling this device in the future, and those wishing to buy can apply for a model later, but one of the mandatory items to complete the process, according to the "The Verge" technical website, is not to publicly disclose the price of the device, which remains ambiguous until Today.