The selected works, which span pen and ink sketches and 3-dimensional canvases, form an enriching enquiry into the relationships shared between geometry, astrology and materiality.  Observing the world through the interpretive systems of both Western and Persian astrology, Shaafi regards the universe with awe and understands that we are indivisible from it. Shaafi looks to the future-seekers of the past, such as Nostradamus to better know the shape of the future. Drawing from this wisdom, the artist maintains that the unprecedented patterns in the skies of the present have given way to the unchartered changes in 2020 which we have begun to witness. In a profoundly personal statement, amidst our ongoing moment of pandemic and social unrest, Shaafi has returned to the purity of these patterns and structures of strict mathematical precision in order to make sense of his chaotic reality. 
The Exhibition is available from 11 January till 15 February 2021