Table legs double up as dumbbells and stools as push-up bars in this conceptual collection of furniture by Amsterdam design studio H-O-TT.
Called Furfit, it proposes five ways that common gym equipment could be merged with furniture, in a bid to open the benefits of at-home workouts up to those living in small spaces.
The Iasius high stool, for example, can be simply turned on its side and used as a curl barbell, with its distinctive, sinuous handle doing double duty as a decorative element.
Five pairs of dumbbells between two and five kilograms form the legs of the Heracles coffee table, their weight signified by their color and diameter, which can be seen from above.
In the Epimedes coat rack, a set of lighter dumbbells ranging from 0.5 to two kilograms act as pegs for holding clothes, while the top of the Idas side table can be taken off to turn it into a kettlebell.
And push-up bars, designed to make the classic exercise more challenging by increasing the user's range of motion – are rendered as a duo of stools with hemispherical seats that allow them to be laid flat on the ground.