The Department of Antiquities at Qatar Museums announced today the discovery of archaeological remains in the Al-Asila Cemetery, one of the oldest historical sites in Qatar, which is located 12 kilometers east of the city of "Umm Bab".

Qatar Museums said in a statement that the initial excavation was in one of the tombs, which dated between the years 300 BC and 300 AD. Although the tombs were stolen in ancient times, the Antiquities Department team was able to discover the remains of important personalities who were buried in large tombs carefully built at the top of a hill, and some of their private possessions such as a sword, some metal tools and gold earrings were buried with them.

The skeleton of a camel and its baby was also found buried as an offering in a stone room connected to a human cemetery. The human remains will undergo advanced anthropological and molecular analyzes, including the study of ancient genetic material. This process aims to understand the migration patterns and dietary habits of people who lived in this area in ancient times.