Cardin, who died last Tuesday at the age of 98, was buried with his former partner Andre Oliver, who died in 1993. The black coffin was decorated with a Cardin sword, and the blade resembles a scissor intertwined with the eye of a needle and a reel of thread.
Cardin was born as Pietro Costante Cardin in 1922, then moved from Italy to France when he was a child and became a naturalized citizen.
During his career of more than 70 years, he revolutionized the world of fashion and helped usher in the "golden age" of fashion design after World War II with his modern style. Cardin founded his own fashion company in 1950 and created his name with pioneering designs such as the iconic bubble dress in 1954 and the Space Age collection in 1964. Members of his family told AFP that they were proud of his "stubborn ambition and boldness that he showed throughout his life." The world of fashion around the world praised Cardin, as the French designer, Jean Paul Gaultier, thanked him for "opening the doors to fashion and making my dream possible".