Despite the coronavirus pandemic, China still managed to have another impressive year for architecture in 2020. 
Here are 10 of the best projects completed.
Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Museum, Jingdezhen, by Studio Zhu-Pei
The Borderless Community of Zi Ni Twelve Portals, Guangzhou, by Fei Architects
The Crystal, Chongqing, by Safdie Architects
Zhang Yan Cultural Museum, Shanghai, by Shenzhen Horizontal Design
Courtyard Kindergarten, Beijing, by MAD
Qishe Courtyard, Beijing, by Arch Studio
Courtyard Villa, Hebei, by Arch Studio
Party and Public Service Centre, Hubei, by LUO Studio
Paddy Field Bookstore, Fuijian, by Trace Architecture Office
Joys, Shenzhen, by Onexn Architects