Kubaisy endeavors to magnify the shapes and features of his characters, besides the (caricature) over-exaggeration and diligence in presenting this manner of sarcastic consciousness and exposed arrogance of their behaviors and practices. In fact, they are merely cartooned characters with puffed bellies and swollen jugular veins, wearing hats and coats that conceal their physical deformities, bearing a grudge and evil schemes and behaving malignantly, in an ingenious periphrasis subjected to a total consciousness that is parallel to the value of that overt and covert effect of all the intentions Kubaisy has already adopted in his culture.
Al Kubaisy was born in Iraq, where he graduated in 1992 from the Fine Art Academy of the University of Baghdad. His equestrian works have appeared in private collections across the UAE and have been exhibited widely in Baghdad, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Paris.
Here are some of his works: