Hiba Kalashe presents a new collection of works under the name "Our dreams are a second life" that expand the themes and gestures of her recent practice in a new combination of paintings, drawings, and sculptural intervention. All of her works are on display in Saleh Barakat Gallery from 4 December 2020 - 16 January 2021, from 11 AM-6 PM, or 2-5 PM with the artist present. 
Born in Beirut, Hiba Kalashe is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice extends to drawings, paintings, and sculptures. In 2005 Clashy received her MA in Fine Arts from California College of Art (CCA) in San Francisco. She has since exhibited in Beirut, Berlin, Brussels, Istanbul, New Orleans, Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco, and Tehran. Recent group exhibitions include Mimesis Expression Construction (2016) at the Rose Museum at the American University of Beirut and Shaheen Salibi Museum, curated by Octavian Isano, Heartland (2015) at the Beirut Exhibition Center curated by Joanna Chevalier; Under construction, an exhibition (2014) at the Beirut Art Center, curated by Marie Murachiol. She held solo exhibitions in Beirut with The Running Horse Contemporary Art Space and FFA Private Bank. Her most recent solos include Lemonade Everything Was So Infinite (2018) at Salih Barakat Gallery, curated by Natasha Gasparian, and an intervention, Encounters - Continuing (2020) at SBG Top Gallery. In 2017 she taught fine arts at the Lebanese American University.