Self-professed "mother of silicone" Beate Karlsson uses the rubbery material to make shoes in the form of human claws and padded shorts that imitate Kim Kardashian's bum in a bid to design never-before-seen items.
The Claw shoes, which have been 3D printed from a mixture of wood fibres and silicone, take the form of a giant human hand propped up on all four fingers and thumb in the gesture of an animal's claw.
Straps moulded from silicone extend from the top of the shoe to form a sandal that the model can walk in, wearing the claws like stilts.
Bows tied across the top of the shoes conceal the wearer's foot to feed the illusion that they are extensions of their legs.
Other designs include oversized items of clothes worn as one garment, like an enlarged pair of trousers that rise up to the model's neck, and a giant top that extends down to the wearer's knees and features a large drip-effect collar.