The Red Sea project is a luxury tourism destination being developed around one of the world's hidden treasures of nature.
The project will create new standards for sustainable development and will exceed expectations by creating memorable luxury tourism experiences.
The project will also encourage its visitors to explore the wonders of the Red Sea and get to know closely the rich cultural and civilizational heritage of this distinguished region on the western coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The project targets 50 islands on the western coast of Saudi Arabia, and its geographical scope is limited between the cities of Wajh and Umluj belonging to Tabuk Governorate, located in the northwestern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
One of the most important features of this project is that it will allocate a special airport for it to receive visitors from all countries of the world, for visitors from East Asia, for example, will not take more than 8 hours by air. The warm and temperate climate makes it an attractive tourist destination in all seasons of the year.
You can imagine that a vast area of 28,000 square kilometers will be part of this project, which gives another dimension to tourism, through which the visitor will experience unforgettable experiences, in which he nails the beauty of the corals that abound in the shores of the Red Sea and discovers a variety of rare creatures. As for those looking for rest and recreation, they will find in this place all the means of relaxation in a way that completely separates them from the pressures of work and life and takes them on an Anas journey that expels all feelings of boredom and tension.
The project seeks to follow a policy that depends entirely on renewable energy and connecting it to the electricity grid. In addition, the company will generate and store electricity. This policy is embodied in a package of environmental laws and regulations, represented by a commitment to ban the use of non-recyclable plastic materials, to prevent the dumping of waste on site, and to prohibit discharging into sea water. To ensure that all this is achieved, the Red Sea Development Company adopts a smart management system to manage the tourist resorts in the destination, which leads to greater effectiveness in managing the resorts and all the tourism services related to the project.