In just eight steps, Looop shreds your old garment and knits a new one from the old fibers. No water, no dye. The only thing added is some sustainably sourced material to strengthen the yarn. This has to be done since the mechanical shredding shortens the fibers of your old garment. And, of course, H&M wants your new garment to be loved for as long as possible. 
The technology behind Looop has been developed by The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA) in collaboration with the non-profit H&M Foundation. Right now, Looop is the only in-store recycling machine, but HKRITA will licence the technology widely to help the entire industry become more circular. This is important, because to create real change all brands need access to technologies like Looop. 
The launch of Looop isn’t just a glimpse of fashion’s future. It’s a reminder to treat all clothes as a resource. Nothing is too tattered or torn to be recycled, and no clothes should ever end up in the trash. Recycling is also super-important for circular fashion to work.