Six designers from China have created a series of conceptual products that aim to improve public health in the wake of outbreaks like the coronavirus, from an ultraviolet sterilising lamp to a DIY upper body capsule.
Sterilising Lamp by Frank Chou
Frank Chou's Sterilising Lamp combines an ultraviolet (UV) light with a tray, and would ideally be kept by the entrance to the user's home for them to put items in such as their mobile phone, keys or wallet as they enter the room.
The user would press the cover body to activate the internal UV light source, the body then lowers to cover the items in the tray with the UV light. After 60 seconds the cover automatically rises to reveal the now-sterilised items again.
Frank Chou aimed to create an "unconscious design" when creating the lamp, which he hopes can blend into the home and become part of people's daily routine.
DIY Safe Capsule by Benwu Studio
Benwu Studio's Design for Impact Triplet comprises a cubic "capsule" that people can assemble themselves to use at work while working from their desk and eating.
According to the designer, the materials needed to assemble the DIY Safe Capsule can all be bought from local shops. This includes PVC pipe, plastic sheets, elastic cord, nylon cable ties, a positive pressure fan with a filter, a UV light, an electric socket and duct tape.
The resulting system is designed to create clear air circulation inside the cubic container, intaking and expelling air via the filter, with additional sterilisation provided with the UV light, which can be switched on when the user is absent.
An elastic cuff would be installed at points where the neck and wrists would be inserted for comfort and extra safety.
Source: Natashah Hitti