Bejrain is located in the town of Gharfeen in the Jbeil region, and it is known today as the town of ghosts, or the abandoned and forgotten town due to the migration of its residents to it.
Bejrain was a small village, its people worked in agriculture, especially the cultivation of tobacco, grains and silk, which were their main and only source of livelihood.
In the year 1915, after they were exhausted by hunger, fear, and the brutality of the occupation, the townspeople closed their homes and gathered in the yard of the Saint Elias Church, and then set off for Beirut port, where they boarded boats heading to Uncle Sam's country, hoping that they would find peace and stability. Residents of the surrounding villages reported that all the people drowned in the sea before reaching their destination.
As soon as you reach the town, you will see the structures and stones of its houses, which, despite the passage of time, are still struggling with days, waiting for someone to return to open their doors and restore life to them, wiping out the sorrows of the past and forgetfulness.
You can move between its houses, which tell the story of its people with its stones, most of which have lost their walls, roofs and doors, and you can also stand at the church ruins that bear witness to the last moments of life in the town. Note that the area is distinguished by its location and stunning natural landscapes suitable for walking and contemplating nature.
We mention that there is no paved road that leads you to the town, but rather it is reached on foot.