The 108-hectare Friuli wine estate is located in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, and it comes complete with an 18th-century manor villa.
There are a large number of properties on the grounds on the estate including 10 habitable homes, and they have a combined total of over 30 bedrooms and 29 bathrooms. Some date back to the 15th century and others have been renovated more recently. The main villa is an elegant historic dwelling, finely restored to preserve its 17th-century look, and its rooms are decorated with late-Baroque-style frescoes and paintings.
There's also a 915 sq ft 40-seater chapel dedicated to the saints Pietro and Paolo, which dates back to the 15th century and is still consecrated. Then there's the Gastaldia, a 3562 sq ft building that has 13 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms and has been transformed into a guesthouse. The Barchessa is the same size and is built around a central portico and fitted with a swimming pool. There are also three huge stables, four buildings used as warehouses/storage rooms, an old watermill, a two-story barn and a number of other buildings.
The agricultural portion of the estate contains 19.4 hectares of Prosecco vineyards, 29.9 hectares of land used for rooted and grafted vines and 45.8 hectares of arable land. The estate produces about 400 tonnes of Glera grapes per year for its DOC Prosecco, which is a prestigious distinction meaning “designation of controlled origin." The property is located 3km from a small town, and is 29km from the golden beaches of Lignano Sabbiadoro and 34km from the fortified city of Palmanova.
Source: Andrea Smith