If you’re looking for a bit of exploration and a lot of rich and diverse history, then Saudi Arabia is the perfect destination, filled with historical sites from its very north to its very south. One such place definitely worth visiting is Al-Okhdood, an archaeological site located just a short drive from a nearby town in Najran, southwestern Saudi Arabia. 
Indeed,  the history of Al-Okhdood is already well-known by locals, what new discoveries have archaeologists unearthed? Under the guidance of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, archaeologists continue to discover new findings, such as a few remnants such as potteries, silver, bronze, and glass, all of which now serve as small but tantalizing clues to the lifestyle of the people who were once occupants of Al-Okhdood. More recent structures such as a mosque built during the first century A.H. and a handful of houses and fences have been discovered as well, and surely more of the region’s history will be uncovered with time.