While face masks work to keep people safe and should primarily be used as a means of protection, they seem to have become the hottest fashion accessory. 
Masks are a new way for people to express their creative flair. And to take things to the next level, Aquae Jewels is adding a glitz and glam option with their new collection of face mask pins.  
Aquae Jewels, an affordable fine jewellery brand that operates from the heart of Dubai, has come up with over 19 different styles to choose from. The large array of pins, which are made from 18-carat pure gold and diamonds, leaves you spoiled for choice and allows you to alternate the pins, depending on your outfit of the day.
Aquae Jewels, known for its eye-catching, dainty handmade designs, has made it possible to order a pin in every letter of the alphabet in English and Arabic.
Additionally, with each pin purchase you receive a complimentary silk mask in the colour of your choice.