Schiaparelli showed its spring 2021 line virtually with a collection of images that featured just two models traipsing around the brand’s showroom and throughout Paris, wearing a series of ambitiously cut garments in mostly neutral colors and a series of flat toe-ring sandals with clever, abstract footprints embedded in the insole.
But the real star of the collection was the jewelry. Gilded glasses dotted with electric blue eyes were worn with oversized gold button earrings and lock-and-key brooches. Molded plates covering the lower half of the face made for the chicest version of a mask though maybe not the most practical. 
And any Schiaparelli fan knows that the brand’s legacy lies in its avant-garde, surrealist approach, which its founder Elsa Schiaparelli wore as her own best model. Some of the best examples can be found in her jewelry, which was done both in costume materials as well as precious gems.