In early February, Nada Debs will make her debut in IKEA’s Middle East stores with a special collection of tableware and small sized furniture under the label LJUV, meaning ‘delicious’ in Swedish. The talented designer, whose trademark is the perfect fusion of Levantine marquetry and Japanese refinement, has become a well-recognized name in the design world, sought after for ad-hoc and special international collaborations.
After (literally) setting foot in a well-known Italian leather goods brand, by revamping the heels of their famous sandals, Debs is now on her way to conquering Scandinavian design using a democratic approach and her oriental inspiration.
IKEA approached Debs to design a special Ramadan collection. “The branches of IKEA in the Middle East requested a range of decorative and functional objects which, just like the special Christmas and New Year series, echo this period of the year, which is centered around traditional family reunions as well as concepts of conviviality and generosity.